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Five Business & Life Lessons Learned From Super Bowl 51

The Patriots just pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Facing adversity at the start of the game, they optimistically rose above the challenge without loosing hope, focus, and motivation. No lo puedo creeer!

They are also an ideal example of how people and organizations of any kind should be approaching their businesses, non-for profits, community organizations and life.

Los Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra – the New England Patriots have demonstrated that it’s not about the accolades, trophies or for that matter the jerseys that go missing (L) but about how you go about achieving success during times of adversity.

The lessons that we can learn from the New England Patriots are numerous. Here are five business and life lessons to use as your working your way to the goal line:

#1 Plan for everything and expect the unexpected; When the Pats went into overtime; when everyone was expecting the Falcons to win the Pats capitalized on the time and prepared to stay focused score a touch down.

#2 Know your audience; study them closely, learn their habits; strengths and weaknesses so you can anticipate their needs and respond by delighting them with simple and straightforward content.

#3 Play as a team and win; You need everyone working together; business managers, coaches, special teams, Veterans and even un-drafted rookies can and do step up to make amazing plays.

#4 Focus on what’s in front of you; you may not be able to control the media or how you respond and prepare. You can control your plays, your polish, and your poise under pressure.

#4 Be grateful for the blessings that come your way; every single member of the New England Patriots Team has worked significantly hard to reach this mile stone; yet you will not see arrogance, you will see humble appreciation. Que bello!

So when you’re feeling deflated and uninspired about your game plan whether it be in business or in life reflect on the resilience, courage, and incredible victory that the New England Patriots demonstrated.

Hasta luego!

Sixcia Devine is a Business Visionary and author of Tapping into The Hispanic Market. She writes and directs all of her YouTube videos. She connects businesses with resources, knowledge, and empowers them to take meaningful action. She is the founder of an international business consulting firm called SIXCIA Business Development, LLC, Sixcia offers business coaching, marketing, and business planning services. Sixcia is also the founder of Caritas Smile ( a children’s charity that inspires, educates, and empowers Women and Children worldwide!

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