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“Discover the strengths that you have to make a difference in the world”

Sixcia's major interest is in helping businesses understand the power and impact of connecting with important causes that help businesses, non-profits and communities. She has learned through her travels around the globe that simplicity is key and educating businesses helps famlies and helps the world. 


“My upbringing helped me to appreciate life and take action.”


After climbing her way out of challenging situations with hard work and study, she turned her attention to improving the lives of others. Sixcia was struck by the great need of women and children in impoverished areas of Latin America. Using creativity and a small pot savings, she launched the nonprofit Caritas Smile in 2010 which has touched the lives of 10,000+ people by rebuilding homes and schools, supplying educational and medical resources at orphanages, and uplifting communities in the poorest areas of Latin America and the USA.

Sixcia Devine

Sixcia as an Inspirational Speaker


Driven to inspire transformative action with her words, Sixcia shares her personal values, stories, downfalls and victories. She’s held numerous workshops with Google to boost marketing and business know-how. Her inspirational speaking topics focus on topics like transformative travel, Hispanic marketing, economic growth in developing countries, female empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Education and Accomplishments
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Along with her humanitarian and speaking background, Sixcia is the author of “Tapping Into The Hispanic Market”. She has been honored by the Ronald McDonald House and received a 40 Under 40 Business Professionals award, twice.


Sixcia holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and Spanish, minoring in International Development from the University of Rhode Island. She has done graduate work at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and studied at Schiller International University in Paris, France.

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Today, Caritas Smile offers Mindful and Holistic Service Learning programs that combine spirituality and community engagement in Latin America. Universities, companies, and individuals participate in customized programs and travel to off the beaten path areas while making a difference in the lives of others. Caritas Smile is in the process of expanding health and sanitation efforts in the Dominican Republic.

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