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3 Sales Strategies To Create Focus, Motivation, Excitement

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“A little more time, please!” There are seven million and one things on my mind and Feliz Navidad is stuck in my brain since my last visit to the bodega. And the quarterly reports are looking sad and lonely with deadlines looming and sales projections crying to be thrown up in the air while gasoline [...]

How To Introduce Your Product/Service Into the Hispanic Market

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Have you ever thought about introducing a new program, product or service to the Hispanic market? Or does your company’s new strategic plan include the Hispanic market? Sounds exciting and challenging. But where do you start? [GET THE PODCAST VERSION HERE] So, where do you start? Qual es el primer paso? What’s the first step? [...]

3 Cosas que Hacen Inteligentes Dueños de Negocios para Aumentar su Lista de Contactos

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¿Cuantas personas entran en su oficina o negocio cada día? ¿Cuantas personas visitan su sitio web o sus redes sociales? Cada día son más las personas que descubren e interactúan con su negocio. Y aunque muchos se convierten en clientes leales que regresan por si solos a su negocio, lo cierto es que un gran [...]


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The Hispanic Market – 4 Major Facts!

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Published on Apr 19, 2014 Sixcia shares the top trends on marketing to the largest purchasing segment, the Hispanic market. @sixciabusiness 4 Major Facts When Marketing to Latinos

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