Have you ever thought about introducing a new program, product or service to the Hispanic market? Or does your company’s new strategic plan include the Hispanic market? Sounds exciting and challenging. But where do you start?


So, where do you start? Qual es el primer paso? What’s the first step?

Even though my ethnicity is Dominicana and I speak Spanish doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my challenges of engaging with the Hispanic market. That’s why I’ve put together a quick step-by-step simple approach to launching your product or service in the Hispanic Market.

KNOW YOUR TARGET be sure you know who your Hispanic is – there are 20 different subgroups in the US. Understanding acculturation through segmentation is key. This is crucial to delivering a meaningful and powerful workshop that engages and connects with your audience.

LAUNCH A PRODUCT EDUCATION PROGRAM that educates and empowers your consumer. The workshop will help you target and understand the benefits of your product and service to that market.

IDENTIFY LEADERS in the Hispanic business community. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and your current business network to discover leaders. This will help you grow your master list.
PARTNERSHIPS with community based organizations and industries/companies that already target your market can help to co-promote your programs for a win-win.

GET OUT and network! Remember to always add value AND be prepared to become a student to understand what your target REALLY needs and wants.
Remember, life is about learning and growth. So get out there and make it happen!

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Sixcia Devine is a speaker, educator, and social entrepreneur. You can email her at info@sixciadevine. www.SixciaDevine.com